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FADFAY Outer Space Kids Rug Review

My kids were looking for new rugs to match their room and they found these cool space themed FADFAY Outer Space Kids Rugs at a store in our city. They had so many colors that it was hard to choose, but I went with the one with stars on them. The price tag was a little daunting, but after seeing how durable the material is and how well made it is, I knew this rug would last for years to come

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Features of FADFAY Outer Space Kids Rug

1. High-grade Nylon Material
2. Natural Latex Backing
3. Size: 39”*51” (100*130 CM)
4. Dustproof, Non-slip, easy clean

1. High-grade Nylon Material

Durable, soft and strong nylon material is used to make this
outer space rug. This extra durable outer space kids rug can withstand chewing from a toddler or even the high-impact play of an active child!.

2. Natural Latex Backing

A rug is a perfect complement to any child’s bedroom and the FADFAY Outer Space Kids Rug would be an ideal choice. This highly durable, natural latex backing makes it very resilient to wear and tear so you can come back for more years of use; rather than replacing this one expensive item in your nursery time after time, you can purchase multiple items from the same collection at once. The colors are also bright and cheerful which will keep children happy during playtime or story-time.

3. Size: 39”*51” (100*130 CM)

The outer space kids rug is an ideal choice for any child’s room. The perfect amount of stars to help them imagine the vastness of deep space and planets with a touch or imagination. Kids will love exploring these beautifully colored, fun patterns that make it easy for them to look up at the night sky as they fall asleep after their bedtime stories..

4. Dustproof, Non-slip, easy clean

The FADFAY Outer Space Kids Rug is made out of polyester, a durable material that can handle the wear and tear from children. The rug also features an outdoor-friendly design with no loose threads or frayed edges to worry about removing and replacing as your child grows. This non-slip feature will keep kids safe on their feet so they won’t be tempted to run around too much in case something happens like a fire, smoke detector goes off or squabble breaks out.

Reviews & Ratings of FADFAY Outer Space Kids Rug

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The FADFAY Outer Space Kids Rug is made out of a soft and durable polypropylene material. It has been designed with interactive stars on it to help teach kids about astronomy, space and the solar system.
I found 7 customer reviews of this product at the time of writing, all were positive which means that I can confidently recommend this rug as well.
A few people had complaints about the quality but these seem like isolated cases and not widespread problems so it is hard for me to say anything more than just go ahead an buy one if you want your child’s room looking stylish!


The FADFAY Outer Space Kids Rug is a perfect addition to any type of room, especially children’s playrooms. The colors are bright and fun, the material is durable and resistant to wear and tear.

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